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Haojianghe Vision

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Application Scenario Cases

paper bag

paper bag

Digital packaging box

Digital packaging box

Package for fast food

Archive Envelope

Cardboard box

Cardboard box

More Cases

Product Introduction

Advantages of Haojianghe Company

【 Large warehouse 】 【 Complete variety 】 【 Large inventory 】

kraft paper Solution

Paper lunch box

Environmentally friendly food grade paper lunch boxes

Packaging, cardboard boxes, printing

Packaging paper, cardboard boxes, paper prints

Paper bags, archive bags, frozen packaging, hanging tags

Handheld paper bags, archive bags, frozen packaging, hanging tag paper

Our advantages

  • Haojianghe is a large industrial company that integrates production, warehousing, processing, distribution, and after-sales service;
  • Our company has successively passed FSC forest production and sales chain of supervision certification and FDA food grade certification;
  • Quality assurance, reputation first, and honesty as the foundation;
  • Own a large factory, tailored to the different needs of different industries;
  • Timely communication, customer is God, 7 * 24 hour technical support.

Four core advantages

Trademark Patent Qualification

  • FSC Forest Production and Marketing Chain of Custody Certification.
  • FDA Food Grade Certification.
  • SGS Quality and Integrity Benchmarks.
  • CFCC China Forest Certification.

Multiple types and low prices

  • American kraft paper, Russian kraft paper, Finnish kraft paper, New Zealand kraft paper, Australian kraft paper, Japanese kraft paper, and Taiwan kraft paper.
  • Food grade kraft paper, environmentally friendly recycled kraft paper, coated kraft paper, white noodle kraft paper.
  • Striped kraft paper, packaging kraft paper, cardboard kraft paper, pure wood pulp kraft paper, refined kraft paper.

Stable product supply

  • Construction with large storage facilities.
  • Diversified product brand categories.
  • Stable and sufficient inventory, fast delivery speed.

After sales service guarantee

Customer service one-on-one pre-sales and after-sales thoughtful service.

Industry news updates

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Domestic double-sided red cow cardboard150-450g

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