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Kraft paper usually maintains its yellow brown color and is suitable for use as bags and packaging paper. Kraft paper has various uses depending on its nature and purpose. Kraft paper is a general term for a type of paper that does not have certain specifications and is generally classified based on its properties and uses.

According to different colors, it can be divided into: original colored kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, plain kraft paper, single colored kraft paper, dual colored kraft paper, etc.

According to different purposes, it can be divided into: packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, rust proof kraft paper, patterned kraft paper, process kraft paper, insulated kraft cardboard, kraft stickers, etc.

According to different materials, it can be divided into: recycled kraft paper, kraft core paper, kraft base paper, rough kraft paper, kraft wax paper, wood pulp kraft paper, composite kraft paper, etc.

Common application scope:

  • Paper for paper bags: Mainly utilizing the strength, high bursting strength, and tensile and compressive strength of kraft paper, paper bags made of kraft paper can carry more weight without damage. Common types of paper bags include shopping handbags, food packaging bags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, and so on.
  • Paper for paper boxes: There are various types of kraft paper used for paper box packaging. For example, cake baking paper boxes, high-end gift boxes, color boxes, etc., using kraft paper to create various shapes of paper boxes highlights the company's brand concept, making it easier to attract customers' attention and stimulate their purchasing desire.
  • Carton paper: This should be a type of packaging paper that we often see. Carton and cardboard are generally synthesized using kraft paper as the base paper, such as corrugated boxes, which have multiple layers made of kraft paper. Common ones include moving cardboard boxes, express cardboard boxes, beer boxes, etc.

There are many types of kraft paper used for packaging, so it is important to choose the appropriate kraft paper based on your own product. Kraft paper is a collective term with many branches, each with different properties and uses. The best is suitable. Please feel free to call for consultation. Haojiang Paper Industry will help you solve various difficulties and complex problems in the application process of kraft paper.