Pure wood pulp black cardboard 80-550g

Pure wood pulp black cardboard

Weight range: 80-550g

Product specifications: 787mm-2500mm can be split into flat sheets, customized rolls, etc.   Kraft linerboard

Origin: Domestic

Product material: pure wood pulp, long fiber, environmentally friendly.

Product characteristics: Environmentally friendly dyes, recyclable, pollution-free, paper core all black, surface free of white spots, paper delicate, good stiffness, good tensile strength, high burst resistance, mild and stable color, no fading, paper strong and tough, with good folding resistance and high physical strength. There is no color difference on both sides, and the printing effect is excellent.

Application areas: Gift packaging boxes, mobile phone boxes, card boxes, pit boxes, custom boutique packaging for gift boxes, and other high-end packaging.

Pure wood pulp black cardboard 80-550g