Swedish food grade kraft linerboard 80-450g

Swedish food grade kraft linerboard

Product alias: Swedish food grade kraft paper.

Weight range: 80-450 grams.

Product specifications: 787mm-2500mm can be split into flat sheets, customized rolls, etc.   Kraft linerboard

Origin: Sweden

Product Material: High latitude sulfate coniferous wood pulp, long fiber, long web machine made.

Product characteristics: Yellow kraft paper and kraft cardboard for food packaging, in compliance with international FDA food grade certification, FSC environmental certification, green and environmentally friendly, biodegradable, renewable, wood pulp high-temperature cooking, sterilization, no harmful heavy metals, paper and wood fragrance, no odor, clean and smooth surface, strong compression resistance, good tightness, high temperature resistance, and extremely high stiffness.

Application fields: paper cups, paper bowls, soup bowls, paper lunch boxes, paper plates, paper containers, coffee cups, baking, cake boxes, pizza boxes, instant noodles paper bowls, food packaging, seafood and vegetable frozen packaging.

Swedish food grade kraft linerboard 80-450g