Japanese King Yellow Kraft Paper 40-150g

Japanese King Yellow Kraft Paper

Product alias: Imported food grade Japanese king yellow kraft paper, Japanese natural color paper bag paper.

Weight range: 40-150 grams.

Product specifications: 787mm-2500mm can be split into flat sheets, customized rolls, etc.   kraft paper

Origin: Japan Brand: Daiwang Paper Co., Ltd.

Product material: 100% needle wood pulp fiber, high latitude needle pulp, FDA food grade certification.

Product characteristics: The paper is made of high latitude coniferous wood pulp and broadleaf pulp, which is screened, steamed, and processed online. The wood pulp fiber has high density, uniform thickness, fine texture, and consistent on both sides. It is pure natural wood pulp with natural color, elegant and fragrant taste, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti freezing and not easy to deform, high breaking and folding resistance, high load-bearing capacity, FDA food grade certification, environmental protection and health, recyclable and degradable, uniform ink application, and excellent printing effect.

Application fields: pharmaceutical and food packaging, food paper bags, soft packaging, handbags, electronics industry, film composite printing, etc.

Japanese King Yellow Kraft Paper 40-150g